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Our knowledge and understanding of event structures has grown vastly and in parallel with our experience in the event industry since we began over 35 years ago. We work very closely with the production process, utilising our skills and knowledge in construction, materials and finishes to ensure we produce premium results at any scale and in any environment. We can work on every stage of an event structures life; producing the concepts, designs and drawings right through to managing build and de-rig.

We have the in-house capability to propose concepts and designs to fit any brand or brief. Furthermore, we are often invited to intervene even earlier to help the client develop a specific brief, therefore identifying the key objectives and above all maximising the investment in every way.

Our operational knowledge and hands-on experience, ensures that our designs evolve with a strong sense of practicality. Tranpsort restrictions, weight, height and buildability are factors we are well acustomed to and consider from the concept stage. This allows us to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity while managing expectation and staying within the project parameters.

While each project comes with its own individual characteristics, we can often identify and categorise a project as either small, medium or large scale, helping us to set the appropriate team and project structure in place.

On a large scale, such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed with a footfall of over 200,000 people, we fill a 500sqm site space with a two-storey structure for a client’s flagship event with integral involvement across every aspect of the structure. On smaller scale we work very closely with our clients and their preferred suppliers, sometimes playing an advisory role to guarantee maximum productivity. We ensure that these smaller 25-50sqm structures, such as shopping centre displays across multiple venues, meet the same level of impact and quality as our largest events. Our mid-range structures often offer the greatest scope for our creative input, a bespoke design at an indoor exhibition or an outdoor festival, we help develop concepts that create striking brand impacts and engage effectively with a select target audience.

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