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Our 35 years of continued experience is a guarantee of a catering service of the highest standards. Repeat collaborations not only from season to season but from decade to decade is the true testimony to this service.

On our largest golf events we serve in the range of 3,500 to 15,000 meals over the course of a weekend, while our motorsport events produce an average of 1,100 to 1,200 meals. The intensive nature of such events often require us to be at our guests disposal from dawn till dark, covering a diversity of full breakfasts, buffet lunches and sit down dinners.

We also recognise the importance of innovation and versatility in order to deliver such a premium service, adapting to the individual taste of our clients as well as the local culture and customs of the destinations we visit. We have provided bespoke cuisine to a wide range of nationalities, serving Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Mexican and Italian cuisine to name just a few.

Themed nights have provided us with great memories over the years, including barbecues, ‘Curry and Beer Night’ and American diner style. Waiter service and buffet service are equally popular, as are canapé receptions, depending on the feel of the occasion.

Over the years our chefs bring with them a wealth of culinary experience, from prestigious hotels in many countries, island resorts, Michelin star restaurants as well as many high profile events, such as Formula One, World Endurance Racing, The Ryder Cup, The Le Mans 24hour race.

All our mobile kitchens provide our chefs with state of the art equipment with which to work, from rational ovens, large scale bratt pans, walk in refrigerators and ample storage. They all have hot and cold water feeds built in with internal gas tanks to allow operation in any environment.

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