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Our #Reimagined roadshow for Etihad Airways is currently 6 months into an epic 3 year journey throughout Europe, in which time it will cruise to 300 different locations. This concept epitomises the values that underpin our roadshow solutions – versatility and effective brand exposure.

Versaility is key on-site and for the live event, with our on-going team acting and reacting to constanly changing factors such as weather, permits and political situations. It is equally important in the design, planning, operational and logistics stage. Our designs and project management must ensure efficiency in cost, size, weight, transport and operation.

Our roadshow facilities for ongoing clients, including Lexus and Toyota, total over 100 appearances a year across the UK. With operational support at the heart of MSL, the logistics and management of any roadshow can be directed and supervised by our team.

Over the years our units have popped-up, folded out, expanded and detached to create innovative brand impacts in country shows, shopping centres, business districts and sporting events. The priority for logistics is agility and again versatility, with our multi-skilled staff are able to drive, rig and run the roadshow assets as a brand embassador.

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