our statement

Embodying the true spirit of every brand we work with, their values and live experiences.

Our in-house knowledge and expertise allows us to develop and deliver bespoke concepts, on brief and beyond. Every time.

We have truly built our foundations from the ground up, evolving sustainably and assuredly for 40 years to now offer a global service to our clients worldwide.

When one client needed unique operational and catering support in 1980, MSL was born from what it promised was achievable. That client and the MSL people who made that promise are still part of MSL Global today; a leading and comprehensive event management company who has grown and expanded from the experiences, knowledge and passionate dedication to everything we do.

We continue to create, design, inspire and operate in a fresh and memorable way. Our global service derives from our experience and expertise in each and every aspect of the diverse and challenging event sector.

our clients

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