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12th October, 2022 - An agile roadshow unit for a changing market

Discover an agile roadshow unit that can transform your roadshow presence and deliver a stand-out brand experience for your visitors.  

Navigating the world of roadshow solutions to align your brand in a competitive market place can be complicated. It has never been more important to get this right. Marketeers are under more and more pressure post pandemic to rationalise budgets and ensure maximum return on investments.  

It’s hard to know who to trust in such a competitive market, where the world has changed dramatically, but MSL Global are well established with many years of experience partnering with brands with different budgets and visions. What sets us apart from the other agencies, is our transparency and openness in finding the best solution for you and that is our ultimate priority. 

The MSL5 is a roadshow unit that adapts to your needs 

An agile solution to build into your marketing strategy, is the MSL 5, a versatile and modular mobile pop-up roadshow unit that can be folded out to maximise impact and engagement where space or access might be limited, or multiple options are required. We know these roadshow units are an investment and they need to be considered carefully and our experience can help guide you in making the right decision for you.  

MSL have worked successfully with this type of mobile event space for many years, and we are beginning to see an increase in its popularity for a number of reasons, more so because this type of structure offers flexibility, efficiency and year-round usage. One of the biggest benefits with the MSL 5 is its ease of use, it can be set up within an hour and dismantled into a cube for transport on a trailer saving you money on expensive operational and logistical costs and leaving more for impactful experientials. 


MSL 5 on road MSL 5 roadshow unit


MSL 5 set up MSL 5 road show unit set up MSL roadshow unit set up


The MSL 5 can inspire and engage directly with the consumer where each roadshow unit can be tailored and customised with our creative team for maximum impact. A mobile and agile roadshow unit that be folded out in many different ways to suit your needs for instant impact. It can be used for product displays and sampling, roadshows, city promotions, trade fairs or any other face to face marketing activities and is suitable for indoor/outdoor activations, in all seasons and is safe and secure.    




This is just one of the many solutions MSL can work with you to achieve your event marketing vision. Get in touch to tell us your challenges and budgets and we’ll avoid the complex jargon and share with you our knowledge and experience to guide you into making the right decision for your brand. 

11th August, 2022 - Introducing MSL 1, An Expandable Event Space

This month we welcomed an exciting new event unit to our fleet, the MSL 1. This expandable event space gives us even greater flexibility when designing and creating custom event spaces for our clients and has already been in use at several events since it arrived.

A flexible expandable event space

Expandable Event Space

The MSL 1 expandable event space offers a temperature-controlled environment that can be completely customised to reflect your brand and your event. Delivered on one of our MSL trucks, the unit can be positioned anywhere and is an ideal solution for outdoor events and roadshows – particularly with the unpredictable British weather!

Once in position, the unit expands to create a sizeable event space that can be transformed into almost anything. With more than 590sqft of internal space and it’s all weather, temperature-controlled environment, this unit is big enough to allow for multiple uses and that’s the real advantage of MSL 1. Whether you are considering guest hospitality, training demos, a temporary office, product sampling or a fully immersive experience, the expanding box technology and glass framed sides can create an instant impact. Our Creative team can work with you to provide the best solution and options to suit your goal.


An event space tailored to your brand

Expandable Event Space

Whatever you have in mind for your next event, the MSL 1 can be fully customised to ensure it reflects your brand values and delivers a consistent brand experience for your visitors. We will help you turn your vision into a reality and ensure the MSL 1 expandable event space embodies your brand and the event that you are attending.

We always strive to ensure our event solutions are reusable and sustainable, and with the MSL 1, you have a reusable event space that can be tailored to all of your upcoming events. Our team will work in partnership with you to define clear objectives for the space and your event calendar, designing engaging, innovative solutions that will enthuse your audience and leave a lasting impression.


End to end delivery for your next event

msl1 expandable unit

At MSL Global, we pride ourselves on offering end-to-end delivery for our clients, that’s why we are constantly expanding our fleet of event units and vehicles.

It starts with a design concept, which our experienced creative team will work closely with you on, to ensure your event space represents your brand and delivers your objectives for the event. The MSL 1 will then be customised for your event at MSL, before being delivered to site by our trained operatives. Our team will then set up the expandable event space and ensure it is fully operational and looking its best before the live day.

If required, our Brand Ambassadors can represent your brand at the event, engaging with your audience and creating memorable experiences that deliver ROI, and once the final guest has left, our event team dismantle your event space and bring it back to our secure storage unit until your next event.

When you work with MSL Global, you don’t only have access to the MSL 1, but a whole fleet of event units and vehicles are at your disposal. Find out more about our extensive fleet at  or to discuss how you can utilise the MSL 1 for your next event, get in touch on


31st March, 2022 - MSL turns 42. Happy Birthday!

Celebrating 42 years. To mark the occasion we gained a rare opportunity for some personal insight into the business and the direction we are heading.

Read our Q&A with Mike Tasker here.

Happy birthday MSL Global, 42 years of premium event solutions.

4th January, 2022 - Roadshow Marketing. Finding the Right Solution.

Brands are looking at the best ways to re-connect with their target audience as marketing strategies are prepared and planned for 2022. People are beginning to crave human connection and real experiences again after months of virtual interaction. With some large-scale events still being postponed and confidence in public gatherings still to fully return, a Roadshow format can offer many positive and effective benefits for your brand in this current climate and beyond.

MSL Global delivered a roadshow marketing solution for Etihad Airways.

Everyone is looking forward to face-to-face contact with clients and new prospects again. Using an immersive roadshow and live experience will have an incredible impact when bringing the brand to life and interacting directly with people. A vehicle-based roadshow solution offers an early step back into the live event world, whilst allowing a higher level of control for event organisers.

MSL are currently working with brands to understand their vision for this year, with many realising the huge potential for a vehicle-based solution. These types of events allow for smaller and more focused activations that can be easily adapted and scaled up or down to suit government rules and restrictions.

Our fleet of vehicles allows us to deliver roadshow marketing solutions in-house.

A flexible mobile solution will transport your products or services directly to your audience, with the added convenience of doing so in their local environment. This presence at a local level could suit the current situation and avoid the need for visitors to travel, take public transport or flights.

The activation schedules can be revised or changed at short notice if needed, saving on any potential venue hire costs or late cancellation fees. It also ensures that any social distancing measures and extra cleaning routines remain under MSL control, so you can feel confident that all your potential visitors are safe and every event is delivered in a Covid secure way.

We provide roadshow marketing solutions for Lexus at a variety of events. With MSL’s expertise and knowledge we can provide a Roadshow solution to suit your campaign strategy and budget. This includes working with you at the design stage through to the completion of the concept, whether a trailer, pod or modular stand. We build a close relationship with you to ensure we balance your needs through design and function, whilst taking care of all logistical, maintenance and operational aspects.

We love seeing our work come to life and whilst a virtual setting has its own benefits, it can never really replicate the genuine sight, sound or feel of a product and/or service when engaging with people at live events. Stay up-to-date with all our activity by following us on LinkedIn & Instagram.

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